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Philip Touitou

Philip Touitou Studied and learned Photography at the International Center of Photography. While attending classes he perfected his lighting skills working at Splashlight Studio’s in New York City.  He soon began photographing for prestigious international companies such as Ceci Cela, Les Mandarain Oriental, Moma and LAFCO. After spending three years working in Jerusalem he has Moved to Montreal where he established Lilip Studio. Mixing business with pleasure means bringing two worlds together the one of commercial demands such as interiors, studio work, culinary shoots together with the one of pleasure such as weddings and events. Philip’s high standards and professionalism comes with a smile and a good time regardless of which demand he is fulfilling. Among the places he has photographed in the last few years is chain of Four Season hotel in NY, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Along side his commercial work Philip loves photographing weddings and events for all cultures and religions.