FAQ’s :

What is you wedding photography style?

Lilipstudio would consider itself as wedding photojournalistic style . We photograph the genuine emotions and moments of your beautiful wedding day while allowing you to actually live your wedding. We will also take more traditional (although creative) family and bridal party photos but mostly since we are professional’s We adapt to your needs and tastes.

Do you offer wedding albums?

We do offer wedding albums. Various size are available but the most popular is 10X10. The delay for the creation of an album is at an average of 8 weeks after receiving your final image selection and approval of the custom layout.

Who chooses the photographs in the album?

You will have a chance to pick a selection of photos that you must have in the album. This can be anywhere from 0 to the entire album. However, we do advise that you let us choose the majority of the photos for the album ,we will be using our best judgment to select the best and more relevant photos to tell your story.

Did you ever loose any photos from a contract?

We have never lost any photograph from a wedding or any other contracts. By the time that we leave your wedding celebration, we will have copied the images on our Macbook Pro and our external hard drive while keeping the original copy on our memory cards.

How far ahead should we book?

That’s a personal decision that you will be making since We will never pressure anyone into a booking . We suggest a good 6 months before your wedding day. If you are the more last minute type of person, send us an email ,we might still be available for your wedding date.

Can we meet?

Of course we can and we would never agree to photograph your wedding without meeting you in person or via Skype if you are from out of Montreal.

How can we book your photography service for our wedding?

Since you are reading this, We’ll assume that you like our work. Now you can write us an email with your contacts and we’ll reply within 48h so we can setup a meeting.

Can we have a high resolution files?

Yes, high resolution files are included in selected packages.

What is a typical wedding day photography coverage?

The most popular package is a 10 hours photography coverage which allows us to capture, getting ready, wedding portraits, ceremony, formal family and bridal party, couple photography session, first dance and speeches etc.

When do I get my wedding photographs?

You will be able to see some teaser images on our Facebook page within a couple of days. We strongly invite you to tag yourself and your friends in the Facebook album on our page. The delivery of your images will take a maximum of 6 weeks.

What are the prices for your wedding photography collection?

Pricing varies depending on location of the wedding (city), contact us for our photography collection pricing sheet.

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