What you need to know about Corporate Photography in Montreal

Used by commercial enterprises, corporate photography in Montreal offers multiple benefits that reach beyond advertising. For example, this form of photography is often used at corporate events, such as banquets and awards ceremonies; for headshots of company executives; and for recruiting purposes.

Some people think there is a specific style of corporate photography, but in reality, professional photographers depend on a wide range of methods and styles to achieve the preferred outcome. Two types of corporate photography are portrait and event.

  • Event – For this, corporate photography consists of photos of employees and guests at company events, like conferences, symposiums, book signings, receptions, Christmas parties, and so on.

Overview of Corporate Photography

Any photographer who focuses on corporate photography in Montreal plays a very significant role. Therefore, this professional must possess very specific skills, offer solid experience, and use state-of-the-art equipment. The photographer is responsible for capturing high-end photos, working in challenging environments, and interacting with a variety of people.

Specialized Equipment

Because commercial photography in Montreal is so specialized, high-dollar and sophisticated equipment is used. Typically, this consists of not one, but two cameras along with a wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, external flash, off-camera flash, and many additional accessories. Accessories include batteries, battery pack, charger, light bouncers and modifiers, and the list goes on.


Whether commercial photography in Montreal consists of group shots or individual shots, there is a common goal of putting the focus on the company along with the product and/or service being sold. When done correctly, commercial photography helps to build a business’ reputation and online presence while boosting overall sales.

There is no question that when corporate photos are taken by a true professional and used for publicity purposes, a very powerful statement is made to consumers, employees, competitors, and investors. In today’s competitive market, it is essential for companies to do whatever it takes to make a positive and lasting impression.

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