11 July 2016 |  Culture

Petiseros as they are known in Argentina are the ones who care for the horse in a Polo game. They are connection between the rider and the horse. Their arduous work begins early in the morning as the Petiseros are the ones responsible for the physical and emotional state of the horse. They will know everything about their horse as they have know the animal from the moment of its birth.  The Petiseros are the unseen men behind the scene in a Polo game. The “Champion” who often comes from a higher class in Argentinean society completely depends on the Petisero for all matters concerning his horse’s hygiene, exercise, training and at times even the teachings of new techniques. These important men are never in the limelight. It is for this reason that I decided to photograph them as they are as relevant and important as the riders and their horses.

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